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We all have bacteria in our mouths. Almost all cavities are a result of bacteria eating up sugar and spitting out acid. These acids dig away at the surface of your teeth and can eventually create a hole commonly known as - you guessed it - a cavity! If caught very early, it may be reversible without involving the drill, but after a certain point, it will most likely get worse until it's fixed with a filling, onlay, or a crown. Moral of the story - brush and floss away those tooth bugs, acids, and sugars before you're forced to see us to have those cavities fixed!

Zoom Whitening

Oh, you want whiter teeth? Maybe cut down on the dark soda, cigarettes, and coffee! If there's no way you can function without that morning cup of java, try rinsing with water after every cup, or even sipping through a straw - you might start a new trend with your co-workers! But if you're in dire need of immediate attention, we offer in-office ZOOM! whitening - 2 hours might get your teeth so bright that you actually light up the room for your next party! Just think twice before you pick up that glass of red wine... opt for a clear drink instead!


Veneers are awesome if you think your teeth need an instant makeover. Maybe you're tired of that 1980s Madonna gap between your front teeth. Perhaps you're done showing off that beer-bottle-opening trick that's left you with a bunch of chips and cracks. Or maybe you're Steve Buscemi, and you're reading this, and you're not into the idea of having adult braces - with veneers, we can gently shave away years of abuse and place about 1.5mm of porcelain over your teeth to make you look almost any way you want - and no, you won't have that Gary Busey smile... unless that's the look you're going for.

Case Studies


  • I wrote a review for Dr. Taline Kotchounian previously when she was just a mere employee at another Dental Office. She’s stepped up her game into business ownership and wowweee is it impressive.

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    Anthony M.

    Santa Monica, CA

  • After years of not going to a dentist (yeah, yeah, I know it’s bad), a friend recommended that I check this place out. High five to my friend because this place is way better than any dental office I’ve ever been to! Super modern decor, brand spanking new equipment, super friendly staff and they do great work too.

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    Greg S.

    Los Angeles, CA

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Instagram Tooth Whitening Trend?!

Chances are you’ve seen a pic of a celeb holding a blue-light mouthpiece claiming it’s responsible for their pearly whites.
Cosmetic dentist Dr. Sako Karakozian joins The Doctors to shed some light on the topic.

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Dr. Sako Karakozian on the Doctors TV Show

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Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Studio City

Leave them in? Take them out?
What’s the deal with wisdom teeth?

Tooth PainIf we had a choice, it would’ve been better to never have them, along with our appendix and tonsils. They’re just outdated body parts that sometimes play nice, and sometimes decide to throw a huge hissy fit and bring you to your knees in pain. Sometimes they don’t even hurt, but they’re just messing up the party for the rest of your mouth by shoving everyone around! So rude!

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