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February 12th, 2015 | Services | No comments

Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Studio City

Leave them in? Take them out?
What’s the deal with wisdom teeth?

Tooth PainIf we had a choice, it would’ve been better to never have them, along with our appendix and tonsils. They’re just outdated body parts that sometimes play nice, and sometimes decide to throw a huge hissy fit and bring you to your knees in pain. Sometimes they don’t even hurt, but they’re just messing up the party for the rest of your mouth by shoving everyone around! So rude!

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February 7th, 2015 | Services | No comments

TMJ Dentist in Studio City – Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction

TMJEveryone has that one friend who can make their jaw click by opening their mouth really big, right? Kinda cool? Well- tell them to stop, because it’s weird, but also because it can cause long term damage to their temporomandibular joint, also known as the TMJ – this is your jaw joint. Some people can make it pop on demand, some people have an occasional click when they open or chew, and some people get a sore jaw that might feel like it wants to lock up sometimes – this is not good!

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January 30th, 2015 | Services | No comments

Dentures in Studio City for a Beautiful Smile

DenturesHey, there’s nothing wrong with dentures. People young and old may wear them, and these days, they can be as natural looking as real teeth. Yes, your grandma might have worn dentures, but many hockey players do too! Even some of your favorite actors in TV and film may have some form of dentures to give them a different look for the character they need to play!

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January 10th, 2015 | Services | No comments

Zoom Whitening in Studio City for a Brighter Smile – $399


  • Tired of walking into parties unnoticed?
  • Constantly let down by not getting any likes on your selfies?
  • Do household pets run away when you smile?

Maybe it’s time to stop by Dental Design Studio City and let us give you that bright smile you’ve always wanted!

There are several ways to brighten your smile, ranging from over-the-counter whitening toothpastes, to chair side ZOOM! Whitening, to major cosmetic enhancements, and we can provide them all. Just click the blue appointment button to schedule a visit, and we can help you get liked more – not just on Instagram, but maybe even in real life!

*A consultation will be required prior to teeth whitening in order to ensure whitening is not contraindicated.

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