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I'd recommend DDSCity to anyone and everyone!

Dr. Taline and the DDS staff were wonderful! The office is amazing, the staff is knowledgeable and considerate, the equipment is state-of-the art, parking is easy and Dr. Taline's bench-side manner is truly wonderful.  She gave me a thorough exam, explained potential issues and proposed plan to address them, walked me through each step and my teeth feel great.  I was a first time patient.  I'd recommend DDS to anyone and everyone!


I will never go elsewhere! 🙂

I've been seeing Dr. Sako and staff for about a year now and they are hands down THE BEST. They have it all - expertise, professionalism, positive energy, progressive technology, warm customer service, a sense of humor (trust me, I've been to some offices where I'm afraid to smile or laugh), and a creative ambiance (sorry, no outdated green floral curtains here). They have a secret sauce that will be near impossible to find elsewhere. What I'm most grateful for is Dr. Sako's honest opinions and recommendations. If family or friends have concerns about potential dental work, I always recommend they get a second opinion from Dr. Sako because I trust him that much. I used to fear going to the dentist and now I actually look forward to my appointments. I will never go elsewhere! 🙂

Rashi W.

Absolutely AMAZING, and I can't say it enough

Dr. Taline is absolutely AMAZING, and I can't say it enough. I let my fear of the dentist hold me back for years, but now I will never be nervous to go again, as long as it's with Dr. Taline and her team. Their services are professional and overall, a relaxed experience -- the staff just tops it off! The team is so kind, understanding, and genuinely compassionate.

Dental Design makes communication with their patients a top priority, and it goes such a long way. I couldn't be happier with my results. You'll never be afraid of the dentist again after a visit with Dr. Taline -- after spending several weekends in a row with her and her team, I can personally assure it. Thank you for everything, Dr. Taline!

Kaitlyn B.

I could not be happier to have found my new dentist in LA!

Dental Design is amazing! I was a first time patient and, from start to finish, I was thoroughly impressed with the organization, the friendliness, the comfort, and the thoroughness of the entire Dental Design team. The office was immaculate and decorated with really interesting modern art that made the entire atmosphere FEEL much more relaxed and not like the dental offices I had been to in the past. The music also helped make the experience feel more fun. Dr. Sako was friendly, super knowledgable, and put me right at ease. I could not be happier to have found my new dentist in LA!

Max L.

If you have a busy schedule, this is perfect!

This place is absolutely amazing! First of all, they give you reminders of your appointment to make sure you don't forget. If you have a busy schedule, this is perfect! Secondly, the service is 100%. All the staff, including Dr. Taline (love her), are so nice and make you feel like they really have your interest at heart because they do! I initially came to Dental Design because my old dentist told me I needed 6 fillings at once! Then I went to Dental Design to get a second opinion and never looked back. They determined that my teeth were healthier than I was lead to believe. Thank god for Dental Design! I would have been a walking hunk of metal! All in all, I recommend Dental Design to anyone and everyone. Oh, I met Dr. Sako too. Very cool guy!

Warren L.

Clearly, I am obsessed with this office. Trust me, you will be too.

There are not enough stars here to express how emphatically I recommend Drs. Sako, Taline, and the entire team at Dental Design. Sure they are incredible at their job. Sure they do all the things dentists do. But what sets them apart is the personal attention they give their patients, their accessibility (their follow-ups are unheard of as far as I'm concerned), and how much they put you at ease. Dr. Sako is SO engaging, relaxed, and easy to talk to, yet thorough and specific without making your head spin w/ the obscure medical terminology. Dr. Taline is equally as impressive, detailed, and thorough in her work and yet accessible, kind, and fun. The hygienist, is my favorite EVER! Also thorough and meticulous, she really goes above and beyond in letting you know what's being done, anticipating and minimizing pain if any, and also works on preventative care with you. Lastly, this office is absolutely non-judgmental and fun. I know going to the dentist's office can be scary, but rest assured this is a safe place to go for one of the most vulnerable things we have to do for our health. Clearly, I am obsessed with this office. Trust me, you will be too.

Rod T.