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Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns in Studio City

You don’t have to be a descendant of the throne to be a king or queen!

Here at Dental Design Studio City, we understand that desire to feel like royalty, and we can help mimic that feeling with your very own dental crown. It might not be made of gold, but people will surely notice your new bling when you smile!

Dental Crowns, or caps, are usually required when a tooth has a cavity, a crack, or a large filling that just can’t be fixed with another filling. Sometimes there just isn’t enough tooth structure to hold a filling anymore, and now the tooth needs something stonger to hold it together — that’s where dental crowns come into play.

  • First, we remove the damaged and unwanted tooth structure.
  • Then, we remove any old filling material, which may then be replaced by a buildup material to fill in the missing core of the tooth.
  • And finally, we gently shave away about 2mm of tooth structure all the way around, so that the new crown, which needs to be 2mm thick for strength, can sit flush onto your shaved tooth and restore it to its original form.

Dental Bridges
 are almost like multiple crowns, but fused together. Bridges are usually used to replace missing teeth if you don’t want removable dentures or if an implant isn’t right for you. A bridge is usually supported by healthy teeth on either side of a space and glued in permanently.

Hit the appointment button and we’ll guide you through the entire process — in about 2-3 weeks, you’ll have a fixed tooth and a brand new crown just in time for your royal debut at Burger King!