Dental Veneers in Studio City

Dental Veneers in Studio City

Dental Veneers (sometimes referred to by the brand name Lumineers) are awesome if you think your teeth need an instant makeover.

  • Maybe you’re tired of that 1980s Madonna gap between your front teeth?
  • Perhaps you’re done showing off that beer-bottle-opening trick that’s left you with a bunch of chips and cracks?
  • Or maybe you’re Steve Buscemi, and you’re reading this, and you’re ready to fix your teeth but don’t want adult braces?

…Fear not! Here at Dental Design Studio City, we can utilize porcelain veneers by gently shaving away years of abuse from your teeth and replacing it with about 1.5mm of porcelain to make you look almost any way you want – and no, you won’t have that Gary Busey smile… unless that’s the look your’e going for! Hit the appointment button and set up a time for a complimentary consult – yes, we’re talking to you Steve Buscemi! (We loved you in Boardwalk Empire, btw <3)

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