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Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Studio City.
Leave them in? Take them out? What’s the deal with wisdom teeth? If we had a choice, it would’ve been better to never have them, along with our appendix and tonsils. They’re just outdated body parts that sometimes play nice, and sometimes decide to throw a huge hissy fit and bring you to your knees in pain. Sometimes they don’t even hurt, but they’re just messing up the party for the rest of your mouth by shoving everyone around! So rude!

Here at Dental Design Studio City, we’ll let you know if your wisdom teeth look well-behaved. Sometimes we don’t even need to tell you, because we get patients coming in begging us to take them out.

Impacted wisdom teeth are the worst, because they usually come in crooked or buried deep in the bone. Aside from horrible pain, they can sometimes turn into a bad infection, they can cause cavities or bone loss on the teeth around them, or maybe even cause your front teeth to start moving! Most often it’s best to have our oral surgeon remove them under sedation so you’ll just wake up at home in bed after it’s done – maybe you can even be the next viral YouTube sensation!

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