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Dentures in Studio City
Hey, there’s nothing wrong with dentures. People young and old may wear them, and these days, they can be as natural looking as real teeth. Yes, your grandma might have worn dentures, but many hockey players do too! Even some of your favorite actors in TV and film may have some form of dentures to give them a different look for the character they need to play!

Dentures, sometimes referred to as stayplates or flippers, are used to replace missing teeth. They are a dental prosthesis, just like a prosthetic leg that needs to be removed and maintained, so do most dentures. Dental Design Studio City can provide a number of different options for dentures, whether you’re missing one tooth, or all of them. We can even make dentures that snap into implants called, implant overdentures, or ones that are permanently screwed into place that you never have to remove!

Click the appointment button and we can see which type of denture would work best for you. But if you’re trying to stay true to your hockey game, try to wear the denture at home to keep your wife happy, and maybe take it off at the bar if you want to impress your friends, ey?