Dental Implants in Studio City

Dental Implants in Studio City

Dental Implants
Ok, let’s get one thing clear – if we ever ask about your implants at Dental Design Studio City, please be assured we’re probably referring to the ones in your mouth.

Dental Implants, sometimes referred to as pins or posts, are the premier replacement for missing teeth. Sometimes there’s a space that needs to be filled, and sometimes an existing tooth is in such bad condition, it needs to be removed. Either way, a bone graft and/or sinus lift may be necessary. At the minimum, a dental implant consists of the following procedure:

  1. A screw is placed into the bone where a tooth used to be,
  2. This is most often followed by 4-6 months of healing. During this time, you may have a removable tooth in place for cosmetic purposes.
  3. Once the screw is checked to ensure it has fused to the bone, an abutment, or a post, can be placed atop the screw.
  4. And finally, the implant crown can be placed over the abutment.

And voila! – you now have a bionic tooth! Unfortunately, not everyone can have a dental implant depending on the health of their bone. Click on the blue button to make an appointment, and we can give you a complimentary consult to determine if you’re a candidate for a dental implant!

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