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Dental Implants, sometimes referred to as pins or posts, are the premier replacement for missing teeth. Sometimes there’s a space that needs to be filled, and sometimes an existing tooth is in such bad condition, it needs to be removed. Either way, a bone graft and/or sinus lift may be necessary. At the minimum, a dental implant consists of the following procedure:

  1. A screw is placed into the bone where a tooth used to be,
  2. This is most often followed by 4-6 months of healing. During this time, you may have a removable tooth in place for cosmetic purposes.
  3. Once the screw is checked to ensure it has fused to the bone, an abutment, or a post, can be placed atop the screw.
  4. And finally, the implant crown can be placed over the abutment.

And voila! – you now have a bionic tooth! Unfortunately, not everyone can have a dental implant depending on the health of their bone. Click on the blue button to make an appointment, and we can give you a consult to determine if you’re a candidate for a dental implant!

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